Essay on Illegal Immigration and Its Effects on the United States

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Many presidents have promised to increase government regulation on the ongoing cycle of illegal immigration. However, none of them have succeeded in doing so. It does seem to be an impossible task with thousands crossing every day and many of them fooling the U.S. by getting a working visa then never returning back home. Although this task of illegal immigration seems overwhelming the government needs to be more involved by continuing to build border walls, allowing the states to pass laws to check for citizenship if prompted to, and, if all these actions are carried out lawfully, the U.S. will become a safer place to live. The reason that thousands of illegal immigrants cross the border each day is to make a better life for themselves…show more content…
Although she states this does not mean that others living in her neighborhood did not experience criminal activity. In 2010, 26 members of a gang know as MS-13 were charged with several counts of criminal activity. Members of that gang can be found in many states across the U.S. (“Undocumented Latino Immigrants Increase…”). Whatever happened to the 854 miles of border fencing that American citizens were promised on the U.S. southern border? If the government really wanted to stop illegal immigration, they should pursue it a bit more aggressively. This is not something that can be fixed overnight, but the government needs to at least show some means of urgency toward this serious matter since “only 12 miles of the 854 miles of border fencing called for in the Secure Fence Act have been constructed” (“Border Fencing Is Crucial…”). It seems that the government obviously must not care too much about American security. Keeping the border wide open creates a major passageway for illegal immigrants, drug smuggling, and terrorism. It was found that “in 2005, 155,000 foreign nationals from countries other than Mexico were apprehended attempting to cross our land border with Mexico…these individuals originated from country’s of national security concern” (“Border Fencing Is Crucial…”). It is obvious that other countries know that
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