Illegal Immigration and the Welfare State

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Composition and Rhetoric
23 April 2010
Illegal Immigration and the Welfare State “We must end welfare state subsidies for illegal immigrants. Some illegal immigrants—certainly not all—receive housing subsidies, food stamps, free medical care, and other forms of welfare.” In this statement by Ron Paul, a Texas congressman, it is obvious that this subject needs a serious look into modifying our current guidelines. He also states, “Illegal immigrants place a tremendous strain on social entitlement programs. Under a proposed totalization agreement with Mexico, millions of illegal immigrants will qualify for Social Security and other programs-programs that already threaten financial ruin for America in the coming decades.”(1) They
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While living illegally in the U.S., their children that are born here are considered citizens and are eligible for social economic programs. According to a report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, “Many immigrant families get welfare through the eligibility of their U.S. citizen children. It is also important to realize that even when immigrants are ineligible for federal welfare programs, the burden of their support is simply shifted over to state and local welfare agencies.”(1-2). Trying to solve such a widespread problem has been a major goal of the U.S. congress since before the welfare reform bill of 1996. In his column, Ron Paul says, “Amnesty for illegal immigrants is not the answer. Millions of people who broke the law by entering, staying, and working in our country illegally should not be rewarded with a visa. Why should lawbreakers obtain a free pass, while those seeking to immigrate legally face years of paperwork and long waits for a visa?”(1).
In an article by Edward Sifuentes, staff writer for the North County Times in Southern California, surmised a report issued by FAIR in December 2004. His article reports that, “California’s nearly 3 million illegal immigrants cost taxpayer nearly $9 billion a year.” These costs were based on education, healthcare and housing for the prison population of illegal immigrants and their children. The report goes on to say, “Illegal immigrants cost the federal government $10 billion more
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