Illegal Immigration in America Essay examples

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Illegal Immigration in America America's past is made up of immigrants who have came and formed our country. However illegal immigration has now plagued our economy. What happens when you allow millions into the country, both legally and illegally? Exactly what is happening today? You have tens or hundreds of groups, made up of various nationalities, from various places. Forming themselves into isolated communities, and then trying to get the country to change for them. This paper confirms detailed information on how America is being altered by mass immigration and by uncontrolled illegal immigrants. Americans like to believe that people should have the chance to better themselves. That is why people come to the United States to make…show more content…
America is known as the great melting pot where everyone?s beliefs, culture, and race will be accepted. Immigration also has some positive effects on our economy. Because immigrants work for a lower wage it makes it affordable for people to use their services. In the past, most immigrants came as workers with similar skill levels and from similar societies. Now, most immigrants come as relatives and from underdeveloped countries. As a result, most immigrants are poor, unskilled, and unable to mix into our society. This large effect of aliens in the labor market lowers wages and working conditions for American. It prevents our local poor from entry-level opportunities, adding to the extending gap between rich and poor in our society, and increases business need on cheap labor instead of advancing and transforming unskilled worker to become proficient employee. A quarter of the inmates in federal prisons are aliens. In a study comparing high immigration cities to low immigration cities, the high immigration cities were found to have twice as much violent crime as low immigration cities. Not only does immigration contribute to the poverty that causes crime, but also many aliens have criminal careers. The cost of immigration has run from $30 billion to $50 billion a year. America's need for immigration ended a century ago. The huge immigration flow harms both our country and the countries that are sending immigrants here.
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