Illegal Immigration to the U.S. Essay

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Illegal Immigration in the States
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Cynthia Tucker, an editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, published an article on the issue of the illegal immigration to the United States in October 2005, in which she argues that illegal immigration is one of the serious issues like crime, poverty, and terrorism which demands wise leaders who can solve this issue. She criticizes Tom Tancredo; a Republican congressional representative from Colorado, for promoting a legislation which she claims minimizes the rights of illegal immigrants. In her argument, she does not take into consideration the side effects on U.S society of illegal immigration and she ignores the cost of illegal immigration. For example, there is
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Tucker does not just criticize Tancredo's argument, but she also attacks Tancredo himself. This ad hominem claim weakens her argument because she does not criticize or discuss the legislation itself; in fact, she does not even mention the name of the illegalization. Her main concern is to attack Tom Tancredo and compare him with Joseph McCarthy the infamous American politician of the 1950's who used his position as chairperson of the Committee on Government Operations to launch investigations designed to document charges of Communists in government ("Joseph McCarthy"). In other words, instead of researching the substance of the legislation, she only tries to compare Tancredo with Joseph McCarthy.

There are many false claims in Tucker's argument; for instance, she says that "If Tancredo and his coalition were genuinely interested in restricting illegal immigration, they would target businesses -- construction companies, etc." The truth is that Tancredo's legislation will imprison employers who repeatedly hire undocumented workers for a minimum of a year and fine them up to $25,000("Rewarding Employers..."). Furthermore, Tancredo's bill which is REAL GUEST (Rewarding Employers
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