Illegal Immigration to the United States

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Thousands of years ago people used to move from one place to another place, in search of food and shelter, at that time there where no rules and regulations. As we started forming a society and we became more civilized strict laws were designed that stopped people moving from one place to another without documentation, major reason is for the safety of the people. Many countries started developing protocol by which they can allow people to enter their country those who are consider to help develop their country or economy, and those who are consider being safe and healthy. United States is one of the countries that has certain rules and regulations and attracts many people because of its life style. In United States lots of people emigrate from other countries, some of them enter legally and some of them enter illegally. According to LeMay in his book Illegal Immigration: A Reference Handbook has grouped the mode of entry into two categories one who have entered illegally without any documents through the border and one who have entered legally with temporary visa but extend their stay beyond the permitted date thus becoming an illegal by the status. He also states that if legal immigrants commit and are convicted of a crime, he/she may be detained and deported from United States and if the person does not deport from the country then he/she is considered as illegal immigrant. According to a survey there are about 11.4 million undocumented immigrants in the year 2012 living
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