Illegal Migration

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In this complex machinery that is illegal migration many theorist tend to only skim the surface by and assume the most important determining factor in leaving or staying is solely based on the economic aspects. This machine not only produces a numerous amount of illegal migration, it fosters it into a sophisticated labor control system that is manipulated by social, market (labor and economic market) and political factors. Although economic means is neither the only nor the most important determinant in illegal migration it was indeed behind the birth of the exodus of mass populations. The economic and labor market growths in the 21st century are both the primary factors and precursors for the transformation of illegal…show more content…
and Mexico. This U.S.-Mexico agreement allowed Mexican citizens to obtain temporary agricultural work in the United States. Although the braceros were required to obtain a certain permit, many “illegal” braceros fell through the cracks and managed to enlist without protest from the U.S. government; essentially they could care less as long as they were able to get the controlled labor they desired. When looking at the illegal migration model as a “well-oiled machine” that produces labor control, we have highlighted two key components; the markets that started the machine and the political policies that acted as the inner-workings, directing the entire operation to the desired end result. The force that keeps this machine going are social networks between illegal migrants. As more Mexicans immigrate, typically men, the later send for their family and relatives, and since the communities in Mexico are so tightly knit one neighbor hears of the others “success” in America they decide to take the dangerous voyage as well. This process is the last factor that has maintained the process of transformation of contemporary and historical illegal migration into labor control, by regularly feeding the machine new migrants through the social networking in the U.S. and Mexico. During these illegal journeys migrants are at the mercy of extreme elements, from the blistering heat and to the unbearable cold. In
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