Illegal Substance Abuse And Addiction

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Illegal substance abuse and addiction can have far-reaching negative impacts that affect not only the people who abuse drugs but also their friends, family members, the community, and government resources. Substance abuse can lead to domestic violence, child abuse, suicide, crime, automobile accidents, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, and unwanted pregnancy.
A particular area of concern of drug use and abuse is the impact of methamphetamine (meth) labs on public safety and the environment. The production of methamphetamine involves the use of anhydrous ammonia, hydriodic acid, and iodine. These chemicals are extremely dangerous when ingested or inhaled. Many times, meth labs are located in apartment buildings and houses, putting neighboring residents at severe health risk ("The Impact of Drugs on Society - National Drug Threat Assessment 2006"). Emergency responders, law enforcement officers and people who live in the area are also at risk of death or injury due to methamphetamine production.
Another area of concern how drug abuse impacts businesses. An employee involved in drug use can potentially jeopardize the economic success of the organization. For instance, employees who abuse drugs sometimes steal supplies, equipment, or money that can be used or sold to obtain drugs. Other impacts include decreased productivity, increased time away from work, and more frequent use of insurance and medical benefits. Also, an employee operating equipment or a transport…
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