Illegal Trafficking Is A Source, Transit, And Destination For Human Trafficking

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According to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, Bangladesh is a source, transit, and destination for human trafficking involving women, men, and children (1). Bangladeshi men and women are lured into work under false pretenses within their own country or into neighboring countries (2). A large proportion of cross- border trafficking in Bangladesh is due to migration in search of employment. Most are subjected to forced labor or forced prostitution (3). Thousands of unreported children are trafficked from Bangladesh to other countries every year (2). Children who are taken by traffickers often come from impoverished or isolated regions. The parents are promised that their children will have a well-paid job or a nice marriage (4). Impoverished and desperate, they trust the offers, which ultimately lead their children to be exploited through trafficking (7). 3) If this is a destination country and/or if there is internal human trafficking, which forms of trafficking are common in this country? (If you think that there are no forms of trafficking happening within this country, provide citations about that and some reasons why it is not happening. The reasons don 't have to be proven, but they must be plausible.) Within the country, trafficked people are subjected to sex trafficking, domestic servitude, or forced and bonded labor (7). Girls are commonly trafficked into sexual exploitation or bonded servitude. The sexual exploitation of boys is a fast-growing issue in

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