Illegals Are Costing Americans A Lot Of Money

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Did you know more than 10,000 aliens cross the border every day, and there are several million undocumented illegals in our country today. Only about .5% is sent back to their home country. That is too many illegals for the U.S. to take care of, and a lot of them are taking American jobs increasing our unemployment rate. Most of these Illegals bring in many drugs so they can get money to start a new life. There are too many Illegals coming into our county its’s a problem and we need to change that. Illegals are costing Americans a lot of money. In 2000 Mexico proposed that its poor works should be able to immigrate to the U.S., but the U.S. did not want Mexico’s poor workers. Mexico would be the only one who would benefit for that deal that allowed Mexican immigration in. America does not have enough jobs for both Americans and Mexico unskilled workers. Like Samuel Robert said”#2”. An increase in Mexico’s immigration would lead to a lot of competition and a lot more kids in public schools for education. We don’t just need to focus on keeping them out we also need to get rid of the illegals in our country now. You should not reward the illegals we have for breaking that law. Many of the legal immigrants would say that is unfair and try to sneak in, and not give them green cards it would add too many people to the system at one time. It would also encourage more to come in illegally. What would we do with these new works when the economy will crash after to many people start
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