Illigations In The Grateful Foxes

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Society, laws, and nature are all correlated with obligation. For the argument (dictionary definition into challenging the dictionary definition)? obligation is the bind a person has for action legally or morally. The influence obligation has on one’s innate desire to act kind expressed through ___ fable “The Grateful Foxes.” It portrays obligation as a merit one’s character and explores the world of good karma. In contrast, obligation can be detriment to one’s character as The Fox Woman by ____ explores the depression caused by societal expectation. The novel explains the fault of obligation on one’s character through seasonal metaphor and the conflicts between characters and themselves. The enforcement as gender as an obligation to duties reveals the struggle a character can have with there autonomy. Despite obligation being defined as a contract to specific action; the contract can be confining. Through the comparison of “The Grateful Foxes” and the novel The Fox woman the stature of obligation is challenged and defended for the benefit of a character in Japanese culture; the comparison of the works will lead one to understand obligation as a choice.

Humanity fantasizes the hope that an act of kindness sends a ripple that will create a domino of kind acts. “The Grateful Foxes” actualizes this law as a part of life. The man who rescues the fox because of his moral obligation is rewarded his son’s life. The lesson of the story is to pursue the obligation of human good—it

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