Illinois Is A Full Of Corruption And Greed

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Campaign Paper Illinois is a full of corruption and greed. There are certain aspects that need to be changed in order to help voters get what they want and also to alter the political culture of the state. The Governor of Illinois has a lot of say as to what happens politically in Illinois. For one thing, the Governor is responsible for enacting laws. This can affect the lives of the citizens of Illinois. Voting for governor can help with voters self-awareness and the state’s happiness. Many Governors of Illinois have not done their job correctly or have bended the rules in order to get things done. This has resulted in many previous Governors to be either impeached or convicted for their crimes. Vote for Karen Yarbrough during the…show more content…
Whereas over 20% of Illinoisans speak a language other than English at home. The Roman Catholics constituted the single largest religious denomination in Illinois. The state’s religions also include Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jewish, Mormon, and Baha’is. Illinois has many natural resources, including coal, timber, and petroleum. Illinois has three major geographical divisions; Northern, Central and Southern. Illinois was a political swing state with near-parity existing between the Republican and Democratic parties. However, in recent elections, the Democratic Party has gained ground and Illinois has come to be seen as a solid "blue" state in presidential contests. Chicago and most of Cook County voters have long been strongly Democratic. College towns also lean Democrat. Republicans continue to prevail in the outlying Chicago exurban areas, as well as rural northern and central Illinois. Republican support is also strong in southern Illinois, outside of the East St. Louis metropolitan area. The state has normal voting requirements and early voting is available (Illinois State Board of Elections, 2015). Illinois has an interesting type of primary system. It has a mix between open and closed (National Conference of State Legislatures, 2014). It can be seen and seems really obvious to me that the nature of elections in Illinois is dirty (Scheele, Losco, Hall, 2012).
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