Illinois State University Case Study

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Bike Share 309 The Town of Normal launched a new bike-sharing service that includes four rental stations on the Illinois State University campus. The on-campus bike stations are located at Cardinal Court, Schroeder Hall, Tri-Towers, and Watterson Towers. Strategy 4: Advance the University’s reputation through initiatives that promote the mission of the institution. Presidential Chats President Larry Dietz spoke to student groups throughout Illinois State about how private support helps enhance and expand academic excellence. These talks were captured on video and sent to donors and friends of the University. Topics included student scholarships, faculty support, leadership and civic-engagement, and facilities and technology. Normal…show more content…
Principal investigators will have a designated, single point of contact in Research and Sponsored Programs for questions and concerns when managing their grant. 2 Department consolidation The newly formed department of Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality combined the responsibilities of the Bone Student Center and Campus Dining Services. The consolidation offers a higher functioning organization by developing synergies among like areas while identifying efficiencies in operations and personnel. It also provides a more efficient shared use of facilities and space that coincides with the renovations of the Bone Student Center and the Culinary Support Center in Watterson Dining Commons. Efficient and environmentally friendly measures Grounds staff applied 364 tons of bulk rock salt incorporated with a product that reduces corrosiveness by 70 percent and increases the effectiveness of natural salt ice melting properties at lower temperatures. A 15 percent reduction of salt consumption resulted as well as additional reductions in labor costs. Strategy 2: Build a modern IT infrastructure that supports the achievement of the University’s mission and goals. Updating the University portal became the single

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