Illinois : The World 's Columbian Exposition

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Illinois has some intriguing history to it. For example, the name “Illinois” comes from an Algonquin word, Illini, meaning men, or warriors (Student Learning Center). When the French settlers crossed paths with the Algonquin tribe, they decided to use the French version of the word. This eventually became the name of the state, although it was originally the name of one of the rivers. The very first bridge to be built on the Mississippi River was crossed by the very first railroad train in Illinois in the city Rock Island (Burgan 9). Illinois also has a history of entertainment. In 1893, there was a convention called the “World’s Columbian Exposition”. It celebrated the 400-year anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s journey to the…show more content…
The land is a circular shape, so it will spiral down for several levels, breaking off into parking spots on the way. On the outside of the hangout there is mostly grass, although on the way in there is a pond which adds to the natural scenery. Although it is located at a dead end, the hangout will be just off of Mercantile Drive, which runs through a series of stores and restaurants (Google Maps). Given that it is very close to a shopping area, it will likely be popular and easy to find. In such a large hangout, there will be many mechanisms involved. Among them are some simple machines. In this hangout, there are at least three simple machines used: the screw, the pulley, and the inclined plane. A screw is like a pole with a sharp edge wrapped around it. This sharp edge allows you to drill it into wood or other material that you might be using (Armentrout, Screws 12). The screw, as it is commonly known, can be used for tasks such as securing an object in place, such as an outlet cover. However, screws do come in various forms. For example, the cap of a jar or bottle works as a screw with the container to seal it on tightly (Armentrout, Screws 18). In this hangout, the screw will actually be used in the parking garage with the circular route. It will resemble a grand staircase, which is like a screw (“Simple Machines”. Bill Nye the Science Guy. PBS. Nov. 12 1993. Television). A pulley is a device that includes a
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