Illiteracy And Innumeracy In The United States

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“Education is an important.” This emphatic statement has been coined by countless politicians, entertainers, parents, and positive symbolic figure heads. With the attention that the “war on illiteracy and innumeracy” receives it can concluded that education is a top priority in the United States of America. In 1985 President Lyndon B. Johnson announced the “war on poverty”. These wars have been fought as if they were two separate entities that do not intertwine. This purpose of this paper is to effectively correlate poverty to the effect it has on education in middle school age students. Statistics show that one –third of low income students begin kindergarten not ready for school, and by the time they reach fourth grade, 50 percent will not be at grade level in reading literacy.” “Statistics also show low-income students repeat grades at a rate of 28.8 percent and are expelled or suspended at a rate of 11.9 percent.”
Currently, the aforementioned war on illiteracy and innumeracy has not yielded the results that had been expected since
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“These factors include: incidence of poverty, the depth of poverty, the duration of poverty, the timing of poverty (age of child), community characteristics (concentration of poverty and crime in neighborhood, and school characteristics) and the impact poverty has on the child’s social network (parents, relatives and neighbors).” Any one of these factors can contribute to a child not being able to focus in school which can ultimately lead to a child falling behind in their education. With the current trajectory the education system as a whole, not taking into account those disadvantage students that may struggle at school because they have to worry about trying not to struggle at home when the school day is
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