Illiteracy In South Africa

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Literacy barriers are faced by most countries and for South Africa in particular it is a major problem. Illiteracy hinders the progress and quality of life of an individual. Reading and writing skills are tools which have been emphasised through the generations, but what happens when the schooling system fails us? A great deal of pressure is put on our teachers to educate our school learners how to read and write. This does not seem like an outrageous demand. However, in a country like South Africa where the population increases in the numbers on a daily basis it becomes a challenging aspect especially for the schooling system. South Africa is ranked 56th out of the 61 countries that are illiterate in the world.
The statistics centred on the literacy issues in South Africa intrigued me. I wanted to find out why there is such a huge problem around something which was considered a basic skill. In my view everyone should at least be able to read and write at a primary school level. I was horrified at the gruelling numbers of those individuals who could not read and write in South Africa. What interested me more was why has nobody done anything to help this dire situation? Once I embarked on researching this topic I found that there are places in South Africa that assists with these issues. However, they are little in their numbers. This was evident because I found the Reading Room in Ottery and this is one institution that I came across in my whole life.
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