Illiteracy is a Common Problem Amongst Children and Adults in the World

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Illiteracy is a common problem amongst children and adults. Illiteracy exists in all nations all over the world. Not having the ability to read and comprehend is a fault of the school systems. Many people assume that illiterate Americans are concentrated in large cities with troubled schools. Although this may be true in some cases, there are rural areas where illiteracy is often times are overlooked. The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization released a study stating that 905 million individuals between 15 years of age and adulthood cannot read, which is almost one-quarter of the world’s population. The problem at hand is attempting to determine whether education for a child can be achieved at a rural or an urban school district. According to Greenberg and Teixeira the gap between well and poorly prepared student scores on the SAT and ACT exams is widening, according to 1998 statistics released by the College Board. The majority of this problem is due to: education systems, culture, poverty, family responsibility. The Southwest Educational Development Laboratory cited a report, which found that “children in rural areas are more likely than city youth to be victims of child abuse, neglect, crime and substance abuse” (Tompkins and Deloney). Many rural students lower educational achievement and academic expectations correlates with their demographic. For instance, rural youths are more likely to live in a single-parent household, have low

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