Illiterate Slaves

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A Lesson Taught By Illiterate Slaves Even the least educated, poorest, most mistreated people can teach us plenty. Nightjohn is a spectacular novel displaying the harsh realities of slavery through the eyes of a slave named Sarny. The slave issue has taught all Americans, and generally everyone in the world, the value of human life, along with our ignorance. I’ve taken away 3 lessons Nightjohn teaches us. Sarny encounters a slave named Nightjohn, and though he was a slave when Sarny met him, he demonstrated extreme amounts of bravery when he attempted, and succeeded once, to run away from the Southern slave holders. If he couldn’t be considered brave by doing simply that, think about how after he became a free man, he returned to slavery to break one of the most harshly punishable slave laws- enabling slaves to read and write. We don’t do brave deeds just because we can. We are brave because we believe so deeply in what we believe is right. We go against everything just so we can preserve and protect what we believe in. Sarny showed bravery when she taught the…show more content…
The American virtue of freedom. Slaves has been stripped of basic human rights since the beginning of the practice of taking an innocent person to do your work began. The most hurtful being basic freedoms, such as reading and writing. When we are in pain we write. When we are lost we write. When there is nothing to be done, we write. Slaves treasured words more than anything all because that was just because some guys came and said that’s what’s supposed to happen. That’s exactly the reason why slaveholders value them. If a slave can’t read or write, they basically cannot fight. If they do it physically but can’t articulate what’s wrong, it’s not worth much. Physical fighting to a slaveholder is training a wild animal. All of our lives are based upon words, so don’t take them lightly. It only takes a few words to set you
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