Illness And Injury Story By Jon Brownell

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Illness and Injury Story – Jon Brownell

When I was in grade five I cut my foot on a rock while I was at my cabin. I Jumped off of a deck onto what I thought was just sandy beach. It turns out there was a sharp- flat piece of rock that had a blade like edge, the blade was facing upwards. After I jumped I felt a sharp pain in my heel; the rock had cut through most of the skin on the bottom of the heel and had created a flap that included a lot of skin.

The flap had trapped a fair amount of sand but not much blood, as the rock hadn’t cut too much through of the thick skin on the bottom of my heel. To treat the cut my mother had to scrape/ wash all of the sand out of the cut; this was very unpleasant but it would have been much worse if
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