Illness As A Deviant Theory Of Behavior

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Theresa Kowall
SOC 382
Term Paper
December 2, 2017
Dr. Lorentzen From a sociological standpoint illness is usually viewed as a deviant type of behavior. While a medical viewpoint of an illness is that is a deviance from of a biological norm of health and wellbeing. A person is portrayed as ill when their complaints, symptoms, and or results of a laboratory or physical exam represent some type of abnormality. There are criteria for identifying disease. This consists of: identifying the patient’s experience with the sickness, what the physician finds through laboratory tests as well as physical examinations or any other indications showing an abnormality, the symptoms of the patient show a clinical pattern, or in other words represents a theory of disease or model by a diagnostician. A diagnostician is a person who diagnoses such as a physician. At this time, the physician must arrive at a diagnosis and try to apply their medical knowledge to return the person back to a normal state free of abnormalities. Regarding medical sociology, a disease is defined as a physical state that is adverse, where the person has a physiological dysfunction present. While an illness can be defined as a subjective state where an individual is aware of having some sort of disease and causing them to modify their behaviors. Additionally, sickness is a social state where the person who is ill has a reduced social role. Talcott Parson originated the sick role, which illustrates the typical
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