Illness To Internalizing Behaviors: An Externship Reflection

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From Mental Illness to Internalizing Behaviors: An Externship Reflection
One does not simply become a doctoral student overnight. It takes time, dedication, focus, and hard work to maintain the level of academic rigor and excellence that a doctoral program demands. Prior to my experiences in my externship course, I would say that I had not quite fully embraced all that being a doctoral student had to offer, specifically in terms of the advantages it affords when seeking out experts in my area of interest. Before completing my externship, I felt that I had done an admirable job of fleshing out my research topic, spending time in other courses throughout my program to consider what I was interested in pursuing as my dissertation topic, and making
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I felt that through this process, I would gain insight into the type of researchers I should be speaking with along my journey. This process was instrumental in guiding me to several of the researchers that I contacted and eventually connected with over the course of the…show more content…
In addition, they may be required to take a basic educational psychology course that focuses essentially on instructional theory to the exclusion of application, particularly learning constructs related to mental health”(Koller & Bertel, 2006, p. 201).
I did not attend a single session where the research being conducted went to the next step of how to educate, include, and motivate students with internalizing behaviors, or how to train teachers to work with the populations of students. This is where I need to focus my own work.
Since returning from this experience, with a new focal point, I have begun researching again. Researchers Madaus and Ruberto (2012) wrote an excellent article reviewing research which used self-modeling as an intervention to externalizing and internalizing behaviors, But once again, their findings for the effectiveness of self-modeling on internalizing behaviors were not conclusive. “The literature examining internalizing behaviors and self-modeling seem to demonstrate somewhat mixed results” (Madaus & Ruberto, 2012, p. 49). My goal now is to delve deeper into the studies conducted on internalizing behaviors, use the mentors and research connections I have developed over the last few months, and reframe my research question into a topic that is relevant and contributes to my area of expertise. I am excited
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