Illumina Final Goal

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My overall goal is lowering the barrier to clinical access for patients which can be pursued both in long term and short term. In my current role as a senior engineer at Illumina, I lead a team of six engineers to develop the next generation of genetic analysis tools. Illumina’s mission is to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. My primary goal after obtaining my MBA from Anderson is to become a product manager at Illumina. I will be in charge of the marketing, planning, and production of a product at all stages its lifecycle. Both technical and business skill sets are crucial to be successful in this position. Although I have a solid technical background for this role, however I currently lack the business expertise. UCLA MBA program will give me the foundation to transition from the engineering area to product management.
Breast cancer is the second
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My employer, Illumina, offers extensive mentorship and financial support to help startups launch through a program called: Illumina Accelerator. My strategy is to pitch my idea to this program where we co-register patients’ imaging data with their genetic information to customize and optimize their treatment plan. In order to achieve this goal, I need to acquire a business vision and learn about business. Fundamentals. UCLA MBA program can help me to learn the required skill sets for the entrepreneurship and how to manage business processes. Anderson has a unique hands-on curriculum with world class faculties that prepares the next generation of entrepreneurs. Moreover, it has a wide network of alumni and strong connection with different industries not only in California but also across the globe. All in all, I believe earning an MBA degree from a world-class education institute will dramatically impact my short-term and long-term
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