Illusion Or Dream : The American Dream

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Illusion or Dream The American dream is a fluctuating ideology that motivated and took charge of many generations from the construction of this country. Until current day, People always need something that would help them set life goals and work hard for them their entire life. Up till now, there are not two people who can agree on the definition of the American dream, yet most of the Americans began to believe that this dream is just an illusion. Many Americans want to achieve the American dream, only a few have set their minds to work hard for these dreams and dedicate their lives for it. It is very important for any society to have something that motivates the people it and that is what our founding fathers back in the 16th century have figured. As the American dream to some, it is something so real that they are living it, and to others it is something of a fairy tale illusion. In addition to that, the society is not giving the hard workers the chance to improve themselves. Today, Americans see that it is impossible to get to the American Dream. No one will achieve the American dream unless he or she is committed to it, and to the full opportunity given to him or her. Americans lost hope accomplishing anything from the American dream on the grounds. They trusted that it is exceptionally hard to ascend in the social and financial levels. President Barak Obama clarified that it is possible to achieve the American dream, but we need to change the policies that

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