Illusion Vs. Reality In The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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Illusion versus reality is a theme that illustrates the conflict people have when they have difficulties in their lives. They want to deny or ignore the difficulty, so they force themselves to think in a different way and believe something that is not true, thus, making an imaginary world for themselves. They have a desire to live in a different world and fool themselves to thinking that they are, but in reality, they are not. Authors use this theme in their writing to highlight the effect of these illusions on someone. In The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams uses metaphors, the fire escape, and Laura’s glass menagerie to emphasize how the characters retreat to their world of illusion to escape from reality. Williams uses Laura’s glass…show more content…
However, the reason people think that Laura is peculiar is because she lives in her imaginary world and excludes herself. Williams emphasizes on the point of the fire escape being used to support the theme of illusion vs. reality. Tom uses the fire escape to escape his reality of a life filled with stress. The fire escape represents an escape from the fires of exasperation and dysfunction that occur in the Wingfield’s household. He yells at his mother then get sarcastic with her because she never believes that he goes to the movies. “They call me Killer, Killer Wingfield, I’m leading a double life...On those occasions they call me El Diablo..”(760). Then he heads out to the movies. The quote shows how Tom can not stand his life Williams explicates on this by talking about how Tom could not deal with his life at the shoemakers and it was stressing him out so he go to movies to forget about it. Additionally, He came back from the movies, forgetting all about his life all drunk and ridiculously happy, “There was a big stage show! The headliner on this stage show was Malvolio the Magician...First it turned to wine and then it turned to beer and then it turned to whiskey I know it was whiskey it finally turned into because he needed somebody….”(760). Tom goes to the movies to escape and uses wine, whiskey, and beer to even further get away from his reality. Tom frequently steps out onto the
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