Illusions and Distortion of Reality

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George and Martha’s entire relationship is based on illusions and the distortion of reality. The author of the play once claimed that the play as a whole asks the question, “who’s afraid of living a life without illusion?” At the beginning of the play, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee, George tells Martha not to “bring up their son” to the guests and is very mysterious when their guest, Nick, asks George whether he has any children. Martha violates her promise of secrecy when she discusses their son in detail with Nick’s wife Honey and at the end of the play, George and Martha ‘bring up the baby’ for the final time. George has Martha talk about their son in detail as he recites a Latin incantation for the dead. George and Martha tell stories and play games and nobody people cannot distinguish what is fact from what is fiction. George and Martha as well as their guests for the night, Nick and Honey have made up illusions and fantasies. Throughout the course of the play, Albee exposes these fantasies and makes the reader think about what is real and what is not in their lives. At the beginning of the guest’s visit, George asks Nick if he and his wife have any children. When Nick replies saying that they do not have any children yet, George responds by saying, “People do … uh … have kids.” (Albee, 40) George is obsessed with the idea of having a child, when he does not have one either. Both couples do not have children and that is the root of both of their
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