Illusions of Reality Essay

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The Illusions of Reality

The only thing in my life that I can be positive about is change. Everything changes, from the moment we’re born to the moment we die. Reality has many twist and turns, and our perception of reality is what shapes us to become who we are. Our life is spent on deciphering the difference between reality and not reality. This is hard to define because reality is unique to each individual.
Our environment and the people we are around shape our perception of what is real. Reality is our grip of what is true and false, right and wrong, what is real and what is not. So reality can be distorted by our belief in it. We can sincerely believe something is right, but be sincerely wrong.
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I got the worst spanking I have ever got in my life, but I really thought that my mom had abandoned me forever. I was terrifically frightened of being alone, and the thought of the people I loved and who took care of me leaving me was even scarier.
My parents had never threatened to leave me; they never abused me, so why did I not trust her enough to know that she would come back? My perception of the world at that moment was that I was deserted and lonely. My mother had influenced and shaped my reality into me believing she wouldn’t come back for me. That moment in my life showed my mother that I didn’t trust her, and that hurt her feelings. I couldn’t change the way I felt, so she had to accept that.
Reality is an idea. It is something that man invented like intelligence or love. Reality is our perception of where we are in our lives at that moment. That concludes that our perception of reality is subject to change, for our lives change. Some people like to take drugs to distort their experience of life. These drugs bring on a euphoric state of mind that most people believe is true reality. Many drugs are addicting, but that isn’t the reason why people take them. They are merely addicted to the effects drugs play on their brain. They get caught in a circle of depression, addiction, and drugs. These people create their own world through the physical and emotional
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