Illustration Of The Need For Applying The Systems Case Study

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Introductory Illustration of the Need for Applying the Systems Approach
Humans need to be in an adaptive state at all times moving forward on climate change. The definition of nexus is the center of various connections. Water, energy, and food are the central needs to maintain global security, profitability, and equity. Water systems, energy systems, and food systems are sources of inputs and outputs in the various connection formulas. Water security equals food security. For too long, the value of water is not adequately assessed and because of this water system is collapsing while out climate water evaporation system is attacking us. Society’s cannot function without clean water. Without clean water, disease will flourish and eradicate
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A significant amount of energy is needed to heat water. Energy is required to heat water for washing and in residential settings. Industrial and commercial facilities need heated water for production of industry.
Strategies & Synergies Reducing waste is the key strategies to reduce food water and energy waste. Food water energy waste includes reducing meat production and consumption. Composting food waste is a valuable resource which can be used to fertilize agricultural land depleted of its nutrients from industrial farming. Food waste can also convert to biofuel which can generate electric used to withdraw and purify water.
At the city level, we need more trees, everywhere I park, I find it quite challenging to find shade to park under to prevent my vehicle from getting unbearably hot. Reducing the amount of urban heat emanating from blacktop concrete can reduce the overall amount of urban heat for an area. Capturing carbon energy and water in cities is another area of opportunity for cities to improve efficiency while applying a holistic approach to city sustainability. Captured greywater can be reused water to flush refuse.
Opportunities and Challenges
The opportunities and challenges for the food water nexus are vast. Zero waste implementation globally is only occurring in one country, Bhutan. Located in the Himalayan Mountains, Bhutan is between India and China. Many countries have zero carbon food waste goals, but none has yet to achieve this goal other than
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