Illustrations of Poly-Pharmacology in Dietary Phyto-nutrient is Curcumin

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One of the most explicit illustrations of poly-pharmacology in dietary phyto-nutrient is Curcumin. One can consider curcumin as an ideal candidate for preventive therapeutic action in cancer as a sole agent or in combination with traditional therapies, because of its ability to target multiple number of signaling pathways relevant to cancer [168,169]. One of the approaches for identification of polypharmacological chemical compounds is “virtual screening of all potential molecular targets of interest for interactions with these chemicals” [171]. Another approach to enable virtual screening of the receptorome attempts to generate a compendium of computational predictors (e.g., QSAR models or structure based models). Consequently, these constructed models can be employed in the virtual screening of chemical libraries for recognition of novel ligands for a panel of molecular targets and “to predict polypharmacological matrices for these all chemicals” incorporated in the chemical database. Finally, a database of models can be built by consolidation of these QSAR or structure based models. This database can be employed in parallel virtual screening of chemical compounds to indentify the interacting partners from all the pre-characterized members of the receptor-ome. Past research studies have successfully demonstrated that the generation of QSAR models and subsequent model-based virtual screening of chemical libraries has led to the identification of chemically diverse

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