Illustratte Technique and How It Relates to Performance Essay

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According to the Dictionary of Sport Science, 1992 technique is best defined as “a specific sequence of movements or parts of movement in solving movement tasks in sports situations”. Bober, 1981 suggested that using kinematic and temporal variables is the best way to illustrate technique. Most reports reviewing technique reported the use temporal occurrence of linear and angular displacements and velocity and their amplitude. Other implements are available for quantifying biomechanical movement such as electromyography, plantar pressure and kinetic analysis. Technique is not always a positive indicator of performance as good technique is not always an indicator of good performance, there can be other influences although generally good …show more content…

This will help to describe how the foot and the footwear interact. In-soles will be places into both shod (shoe) conditions and participants will be asked to run as normal wearing the soles.
There is a debate among scientists as to whether barefoot or shod conditions are more beneficial to a runner. Yan, et al, 2012 carried out a systematic review comparing the effects barefoot and shod conditions, their aim was to clarify the effects of shoes on the most generally used variables associated with impact analysis of the lower limb. They concluded that there was insufficient evidence to draw an overall conclusion as to the benefits of shoes as they found conflicting results within the literature. Yan et al, suggested that greater attention to the standards of reporting biomechanical analysis’ and use of high quality data collection methods will help advance this field of research.
Running is an increasingly popular exercise both recreationally and professionally however like all exercise it poses risks; with to 52 % of professional and recreational runners suffering with muscular, skeletal and joint injuries (Van Mechelen, 1992). A great deal of research into shoe design has been conducted specifically athletic shoes. More recently, scientists have considered the idea of minimalist footwear leading to the development of Vibram Fivefingers and other minimalist footwear. The lightweight shoe is supposed to mimic the experience of running barefoot while

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