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Part2: Identify and evaluate sustainability issues for the selected product across the ILM The infrastructure is not at present in place to permit efficient recycling of materials from old product to new. These materials include metal, polymers, refrigerant gas and glass. This situation is due largely to a culture of indifference from Governmental and regulatory agencies at present. The use of natural capital is unsustainable with the culture of supply of what the customer wants and not what they need, this is at present a cultural problem. This has a detrimental impact on the ecosystem. With a change in attitude and the use of new technologies and diverse use of materials this situation would improve. The use of materials for packaging (wood and Polystyrene) is a total waste, poses disposal issues with…show more content…
The product designers must look at various material things when designing with possibly natural materials such as wood. People must change from a culture of pure consumerism to one of sustained consumerism where consideration is given to the products lifetime and disposal. The use of consumables, such as fridge fresheners must be discouraged and a potential use for the waste heat from the unit found The context of ownership should be challenged as with sharing with the owner retaining the cost of repairing the unit (more efficiency)and replacement, and a buy-frequent and buy- fresh approach utilised, reducing in some cases the need for large fridges. Dematerialize where possible from production through transportation to energy use to end of life disposal. An infrastructure should be created where the retailer not only supplies the fridge but has responsibility for the pick up and consequential safe disposal
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