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ILM Project Award in First Line Management The level of wasted stock from the pick & mix counter. Background The …… is an award winning visitor attraction in the UK . However is also and indeed primarily a conservation and educational charity which aims to entertain and educate visitors on the plight of the…….. The…..houses one of the finest …………. Onsite there is also a major research, breeding and conservation programmes, which work alongside similar charities worldwide. Role I work within various departments of ……., my main role however is in the gift shop, retail department. We are a small team who oversee the running of the gift shop. The department is quite independent in as much as all stock ordering,…show more content…
Whilst carrying out this investigation we also noted problems with our methods of recording waste on the sweets. From a recent stock take result and on hand observation I know that the amount of sweets we have to waste is higher than that which is recorded. This additional problem has been looked into and we are currently retraining staff on the method of recording wastage. Due to these problems and the large profit margin on the sweets (shown below), viewed in graph format, the problem looks acute, and could be considered tolerable. This said, any amount of waste is still waste and we have an ethical as well as financial responsibility/need to reduce it. [pic] [pic] As is expected our over all sales figures reflect visitor numbers, however more surprisingly it seems pick and mix sales often do to. We can see (ref. graph 1 monthly sales) some higher numbers in Feb. Mar. and Oct. off peak times but were more school groups visited. As we are aware, the problem seems more apparent when school groups have been through the shop. A snap decision was once made by a supervisor to not allow sales of pick and mix to any of the groups. This simply involved taking the bags from the display and informing the children they were not allowed to buy these sweets. This action is actually visible in the graph, where sales figures for June and September are much lower. This was towards the end of the June before the holiday and early September

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