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[pic] ILM Higher Apprenticeship. Level 5 Understanding the Management role to improve Management performance. Glyn Thomas Introduction. I am undertaking the Institutive of Leadership Management (ILM) Higher Apprenticeship Level 5 as an employee of the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (WAST). I am substantively employed as a Paramedic working as a sole responder on a rapid response vehicle, however I have just complete a two and a half year secondment in a managerial role as a Research Support Officer for a collaborative research study between a local University and 3 large UK Ambulance Services. As such, the content of my assignments will be based retrospectively on the experiences and development which I have…show more content…
The manager will need to ensure that they have the correct level of rapport with their employee. Too familiar in nature may be misconstrued as forward and harassing in the wrong context. However no personal rapport whatsoever may provide the receiver of the information with the impression that the sender of the information is just not interested. A fine line must be weighed up for each individual. When a good rapport has been achieved, then the person will uncritically accept suggestion or advice which they are given. Building rapport cannot be described as one single gesture. It is the mixture of body position, posture, facial expressions, blinking, breathing patterns and noises, tone and tempo of voice. A manager who raises their voice or increases the aggressive tones in their voice will usually be met with resentment from their listener. However softening the tone and smoothing the volume will inevitably lure the listener into a sense of trust and calm – therefore making them more receptive and accepting of suggestion. Often, we understand what is communicated to us, not by what we hear, but by what we see. This can be demonstrated in Albert Mehrebian’s Three Elements of Communication, that only 7% of what we understand comes from the words which are being used. 38 % is understood by the voice of the sender but an incredible 55 % of communication is done by body language. A tapping of the

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