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1. The organisation in relation to its purpose and its stakeholders • Identify your organisation and describe its purpose Drugaid is a Substance misuse charity based in South East Wales. Drugaid was established 1972 in Cardiff by Rev. Peter Keward. It was then known as South Wales Action to Prevent Addiction (SWAPA). SWAPA was a Volunteer-led information and help line. The first paid Coordinator was in the mid 1980's. SWAPA changed its name to Drugaid in the early 1990's Today Drugaid has services in Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly, R.C.T. , Blaenau Gwent, Newport, Torfaen and Monmouthshire. Drugaid enjoys partnerships with a range of organisations, and is funded from a variety of sources including Local Health Boards, Community…show more content…
Drugaid offer counselling and complementary therapies these services support Drugaids aim to improve individuals emotional wellbeing. Appendix 1 shows the organisations structure. The Board of Trustees (8) is responsible for the overall direction of Drugaid, with operational responsibility being delegated to the Executive Director supported by a team of managers and central services. Project staffdeliver day to day services locally. The Executive Director is also responsible for ensuring that the programmes adhere to the key performance indicators which are set out at the outset of contracts by the commissioners. The Director also plans ahead and identifies gaps in service where we can develop and evolve Drugaid by applying for bids to run new contracts. The executive director is crucial in terms of leadership and management and holds many responsibilities that are essential in maintaining the sustainability of the Drugaid. The Director has overall management responsibility for Drugaids senior management team and provides them with support and supervision. The service managers meet with commissioners regularly, and provide detailed quarter reports containing data which links service delivery with the service objectives. The service manager supervises a team of senior caseworkers and ensures that they undertake their responsibilities. The GOALS manager is also my direct line manager. My role within Drugaid is as the Multi Agency

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