Ilm Pestle Analysis

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When considering the brainstorming session, we are able to understand the prior knowledge about the lesson that the students have and based on this, the teacher is able to assess them accordingly. However, the limitation of this assessment is that not all students would answer the questions posed at them during this session thereby causing an inconvenience to the teacher as she/he is not able to assess them. Another issue that may crop up is the reluctance to share the chocolate among the peers, causing minor fights.
In the game where students are supposed to create a replica of the digestive system, they are able to learn how to work in a group and how to accept the various ideas presented by each student. However, an issue that may be faced by the students is the difficulty in moulding the parts.
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Every student thinks and writes at a completely different pace. Therefore, some may hand in the worksheets on time while the others may lag.

P4.3: Justify the requirements for keeping records of assessment in own organisation.
Keeping records is an important tool for both teachers and learners in a school or educational institute. Accurate records taken and maintained during a particular course would allow both the teachers and the students to continuously re-evaluate and reassess themselves as well as the effectiveness of the teaching and learning relationship.

Records indicate if the student has learnt and understood what has been taught during a course and if he/she has made any progress or not. Teachers on the other hand would be able to identify the learners who need more help and it would also make her reflect on the ways and methods of
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