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At the age of 21 when I started my career at one of the ‘world’s most admired companies’, General Electric, I was oblivious of my strengths. I only had a 1 in a 100 chance for selection, I still attributed my success to chance. Today when I look back with 10 years of experience, I realize my pursuit for excellence was the key. ‘World-Class’ nesss stems from excellence. I have always yearned for excellence and do everything I do with all my heart.
My pursuit for excellence has given me major career achievements such as my selection into GE’s global leadership program, IMLP. GE runs this program to identify and mentor future leaders across its businesses. I went through an intense selection process and competed with very capable individuals
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During IMLP one of the projects I was working on stopped due to organization priorities. With only two months to finish another project and I couldn’t deliver a good product. This was a big set-back and I was determined to pick a tough challenge for my next rotation. I picked a complex project against the advice of my seniors and well-wishers. For me, though I had the fear of another failure, the challenges intrigued me and I was keen on the intense learning from this. My immense effort paid off when I was able to innovate a simple solution to a complex problem. This project was used as a Minimal Viable Product for solving all future such developments. This project started as a risk but ended as a big accomplishment.
I have worked with world class organizations. I have first-hand experience working for the second largest US retailer. Retail is going through a tremendous digital transformation and Target is in throes of this. I have a front-row seat to this transformation (organization, technological, business). I work with colleagues across shores on a daily basis and understand the nuances/challenges of working with cross-cultural teams. I will be able to bring these experiences into the classroom and contribute to the learning of my
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