I’m Going! a Comedy in One Act

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I’m Going! A Comedy in One Act Keshalla Mabry ENG 125 : Introduction to Literature Andrea Moak February 25, 2013 Literature can be expressive. It can be expressed in many different ways. Some use writing, some use pictures and print, or even dramatic and musical works of art. In this essay I will be using the Reader-Response Approach to analyze a piece of literature. I have chosen the short play I’m Going! A Comedy in One Act, by dramatist Tristan Bernard. I will include why the literary work captured my interest, how it made me feel, and how it has formed or change my connection with literature. Firstly, let me describe the approach I will be taking towards this piece of literature. The Reader-Response approach I can’t just rely…show more content…
This is just insecurities and guilt catching up with him. He doesn’t want her at the races, he doesn’t want her visiting friends, he wants her at home alone and neglected. This way he knows where she is and can pop up on her at any time. Eventually Jeanne decided to stay at home while Henri attended the races. After reading this short play I began to wonder if this type of trickery goes on in other relationships. It seems to me that Henri has some trust issues, possibly from something he has done in the past and he is scared that it may catch up to him. But should the man or woman in the relationship be made to feel unhappy, sad, mad, alone, and neglected while the other party does as he or she pleases? Henri had no sympathy for his wife’s feelings or concerns. The only thing on his mind was him going to the races while she stayed at home alone and social deprived. Relationships take two people to give and take considerably and evenly, no one person should dictate the relationship or benefit more than the other. I have also run across other work of literature that shows the female as the subordinate to the husband or vice versa. I’m beginning to enjoy this course now more than ever, I can see the connections and feel where the characters and authors are coming from so to speak. With all the literary terms and
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