I'm Going to Read, Wake Me Up in Five Minutes

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In fourth grade I started playing Alto saxophone for my grade school band. Three years later I learned Baritone saxophone for my middle school band. In another year I joined a choir. By the end of high school I had been in six different bands, learned to play several instruments, joined two different choirs, taken multiple music theory class, and starred in more than a dozen musicals. My love for the arts started early in my life, my mother is an artist and my father is a musician and a head designer for a stationary company. The arts were alive in my household, jazz was usually played during dinners, my mom would paint a few times a week, and my dad seemed to always spend at least an hour a night fine tuning his classical guitar skills.…show more content…
I have also talked to many people who would say that Hard Times was one of the worst books that they had read in their life. So this problem that I have with reading may be a misconception that all books are like those that I read in high school. Rather, I just butted heads with my high school English teacher and instead of turning my nose up at the specific class I turned myself away from the idea of reading as a whole. My problem may not just encompass my education but also the society in which I have grown. Growing up at the tail end of the 20th century I was always in contact with technology, Peter Gates would call me a digital native. He describes digital natives as; “the students nowadays who are the native speakers of the digital language of computers, video games and the Internet” (Gates 1). Gates explores in “Born Digital: Are They Really Digital Natives?” how technology has changed the raising of America’s youth and how education needs to change around it. Gates suggests that students today growing up with technology are more used to a fast paced world. Gates says; “digital natives are used to receiving fast information… thrive on instant gratification and frequent rewards [and] prefer games to serious work” (Gates 1). One of the reasons I might be turned away from books is the instant gratification that I get from technology. With today’s technology answers to just about any question can be summoned with a few clicks on a keyboard, but the answer to my

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