Im-It Analysis

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RUNNING HEAD: IM/IT Analysis IM/IT Analysis Barbara C. Hagerman Dr. Chad Moretz Health Information Systems July 29, 2012 1. Discuss the five (5) major components of information management/information technology (IM/IT) governance with a focus on how they will collectively improve the quality of health care. IM/IT governance helps the organization make business decisions more accurately and in a timelier manner (Glandon, Smaltz, Slovensky, 2008). In order to complete this, five general guidelines were created. They are as follows: Develop a consistent IT strategy, Align IT Planning with Organizational Planning, Develop IT Infrastructure, Architecture and Policies, Set IT Project…show more content…
Decisions will need to be made as to which hardware configuration is going to be used as well as which network communication, where the centralized location of the facility will be and what software will support the network. Policies will need to be developed to ensure the safe operation throughout the organization. One such policy is data standardization. In data standardization, data is presented in the standard way, such as dates. All systems working in the organization would share the same data, all via dates. Data compatibility is extremely important and some National standards organizations are working on uniform ways to represent all health care-related data. Medicare/Medicaid standards continue to dominate in this arena to date. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have established mandatory guidelines regarding electronic data and have created a standard that all organizations must follow. The uniformity of hardware and software is also extremely important. There must be a compatibility and ease of maintenance throughout the system. There would need to be ongoing reviews to control inappropriate use, such as people installing copied software. Another component of IM/IT governance would be to set IT project priorities and oversee investments. This remains a vital role in the success of the IM/IT operations, so it is important the IM/IT staff are trained and have the
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