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I’m Not Scared: Chapter Questions Chapter 1 pp. 1-41 1. Acqua Traverse has a very farm like setting, with a heap of livestock and things such a vegetables growing. It was a countryside setting. Acqua Traverse is very desolate during the day, only the children venture outside as it is summer and is extremely hot. The adults stay inside during the day to escape the heat. It seems as if most people in Acqua Traverse know each other as well. I feel as if Acqua Traverse is your typical countryside town, it is located in the south of Italy so I know they are not as well off with money but it seems like the population of Acqua Traverse still live their lives to the fullest. 2. Michele and Maria seem to have a love/hate relationship.…show more content…
3. Michele’s father tells him that monsters do not exist, and other things such as ghost, werewolves and witches are just nonsense invented to frighten mugs and that he should be afraid of men, not of the things he is afraid of. 4. Michele’s relationship with his mother is quite different to the one he has with his father. Rather than trying to impress his mother like he does with his father, he just tries to please her and make her happy rather than seeing her upset and angry. He saw his mother as a beautiful woman who he respected quite immensely. Michele seems to get along better with his father as his conversations with him are livelier than those between himself and his mother. Chapter 3 pp. 57-67 1. Michele can’t tell his father about the boy in the hole because his father doesn’t give him the opportunity to tell him of the boy. Also his father said if he keeps carrying on the way he does he will send him to the friars, which Michele doesn’t want to happen. 2. Michele notices that the saucepan was exactly the same as one he had at home, one that he and Maria had bought with their mother when shopping at a market in Lucignano. When getting home later that day he searches for the saucepan and discovers that it is missing from their house. 3. Michele imagined that the boy was his brother, when he realised that his father had taken the meat that was leftover from dinner to the boy in the hole. He

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