“I’m Standin over Here Now.” at the End of on the Waterfront Terry Has Gained a New Understanding of Himself and the World. Discuss.

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On the Waterfront is a film directed by Elia Kazan which illustrate the difficulties that the protagonist, Terry Malloy, has struggled in the early period of 1950s. Terry Malloy was a former prize-fighter who was bought up in a dark and brutal world of men. Since his career has ruined by the corrupted union which was controlled by Johnny Friendly, Terry was being recognized as a ‘bum’ within both the longshoremen and the mobs. This poor environment has created a false philosophy within Terry himself, ‘Do it to him, before he does it to you’. However, after he met Edie and Father Barry, Terry realized how wrong his philosophy was. Thus Terry, with his remaining conscience was able to stand up against Johnny Friendly and gain a new …show more content…
Therefore, Terry would not cares what other people think about him, but Edie. And Edie’s appear did has some impact on Terry’s thought and action, and Terry had some new understanding of his world that is not only has dark, it could have pure white appears. When Edie enters Terry’s world, she confronts him, not just with qualities if gentleness and kindness, but also with an uncompromising morality that he sees as dangerously impractical. Edie was a special exist in the film and she was represented as the angelic human being in this dark world of men. In Terry’s impression of Edie was a brave girl who always has courage to find the truth, her gentleness and her passion to help people were influent Terry’s understanding of his own world. Terry thinks that Edie’s kindness to others and her courageous to fix the things she sees in the Waterfront is wrong, are dangerous and unrealistic. Edie was one of the main factor that encouraged Terry to speak up in the court, her encouragement is very important to release the true self of Terry. In Terry’s word, “she is the first decent thing that’s ever happened to me.” that means Edie’s appear and her impact on Terry is huge and not to be neglect. The camera angle indicate clearly of Terry’s face are full of guilt when Edie said she was Joey’s sister. The only things that Terry were afraid to talk about with Edie is conscience, when Edie asked Terry what happened on the roof that night when Joey die, she said about
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