I'm a Murderer

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‘I’m a murderer!’ The thought hammered into Xavier’s head as he lay in bed staring at the darkened ceiling of his room waiting for sleep to come. But he couldn’t shake the dark feeling already seeded in his gut. He was a murderer! He’d killed not one but two men. Alas, William LeMasters had been an evil, horrible man, and he had wished the man dead numerous times, but if truth were told, he hadn’t really meant to kill him. He’d only meant to drain him of his powers so that he would no longer be a threat, but he hadn’t been adequately prepared for the power of the King’s Key. This small, gold staff was possibly the most potent object on Earth, encasing every power known and many unknown in the empowered world. It not only had the ability to empower individuals with additional powers; it also had the ability to abolish powers, sometimes with deadly consequences. The prophet had failed to mention that to him. But then, the prophet had failed to mention a lot of things!
Although LeMasters’ death hadn’t been intentional, the death of his father’s long trusted assistant was another matter. Milton Bailey had been brutally tortured and morbidly maimed by LeMasters. The excruciating pain as he was dismembered alive chopped away his resolve, and he feared that he would betray his king by renouncing him. He begged for Xavier to end his life so he could die with honor knowing he’d stayed true to King Wells. In the end, Xavier had killed Milton, not William LeMasters. He had murdered
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