I'm an Immigrant and I'm a Human

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As a product of immigration, I was shaped by the unique benefits and challenges of spending my developmental years in multiple cultures. I was born in the rural province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines but spent most of my early childhood years in the country’s capital city of Manila. When I was six years old, my family moved to Singapore for several years before settling down in Guam by my ninth birthday, when my father contracted a job with an international hotel franchise. Learning to navigate the cultural discrepancies in my life soon became a norm, one that shaped my values and priorities. Through trial and error, I developed skills to adapt and succeed across cultural boundaries as I encountered new people ceaselessly through my…show more content…
The scope and depth of my learning also grew exponentially during my time at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (Penn GSE). Courses such as “Human Development” and “Topics of Psychology in Education: Risk and Prevention,” stimulated deep discussions on the conceptualizations of society and cultural worldviews that influence youth development. The dialogues helped me grasp the dynamic interactions between the individual and the ecology surrounding them, which gave me a framework to approach my research interests. A combination of research-based intervention projects equipped me with the tools to concretely delineate my future research goals and enhanced my existing motivation for the work. For example, utilizing qualitative research methods, I studied the promotion of diversity at Penn GSE and its’ effects on student experiences. I found that although the promotion of diversity had many benefits, students felt dissatisfied with the diversity-related initiatives and activities at Penn GSE because it did not align with the expectations and desires they had prior to matriculating. My current participation in PLAAY, an interactive research project designed to prevent long-term anger and aggression in youth has been of particular importance in defining my
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