Ima Corporation Swot Analysis

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Case introduction and background[1]

The IMAX corporation has been at the forefront of groundbreaking movie technology since the 1960s. Their expertise in multi-screen, large-format filmmaking that creates an immersive experience has suffered relatively few competitors over the years. Distinctive brand identity has added to IMAX’s market differentiation. Initially, IMAX opened theatres in institutions such as museums and aquariums, and created documentary style films with high educational value. This has given IMAX a strong image as a trusted provider of quality “edutainment” movies suitable for family audiences.

Much of IMAX’s business relies not on the production and screening of their signature movies, but on the sale of
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Unable to collect receivables from bankrupt debtors, IMAX plunged into debt out of which they have not yet emerged.[2]


* Expand North American audience: Over 40% of IMAX audiences are between 12 -24 years of age.[3] Adding more 3D movies would help to increase audience appeal and could result in higher ticket sales. * Produce high quality films with regular release throughout the year. * Have Hollywood movies that are made in the IMAX format provide the marketing campaigns, allowing IMAX to benefit with minimal financial outlay. * Sell or lease their equipment (with service agreements) to Asian-Pacific markets.


* Other industry specialists may develop their own technology to compete with IMAX formats. * Brand erosion due to IMAX releasing non-educational reformatted blockbuster movies.[4] * The development of DMR and DMX which allowed more mainstream movies to be shown in expanded formats in traditional multiplexes; although it increased profitability it also means that IMAX now has competition in regards to creating an immersive movie-viewing experience.


Alternative 1: Discontinue expansion of all theatre operations and instead market and license existing patented technology. Expand Research & Development department budget to expand on current
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