Image Processing in Iris Biometric Authentication System

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Introduction 03

2. Iris Biometric Systems

3. Methods of preprocessing in iris image

Extraction of ROI

Construction of the noise mask


4. Conclusion



Every human iris formation starts from third month of our developing life. The iris looks like colored area visible between the pupil and white area (sclera). The human iris image is shown in Figure-1. The iris texture must be a stable pattern for every human from birth onwards. The iris texture consists of hollows, thin tubes, striae and filaments that make attractive to identify individuals for biometric.


Iris recognition method is a recent biometric technology model quality having really emerged and main work of John Daugman[DAU 94, DAU 93]. Iris is one of the best securable and low error rates biometric technologies, used for authentication. Definitely the iris is only visible human organ it won’t be change during a life cycle.

In terms of recognizing a person, there are several algorithms using digital image processing of the iris have been proposed. More precisely after acquisition phase, a specific signature is encoded for biometric pattern that can be used for authentication and identification purposes. The Figure - 2 shows the general diagram of an iris recognition system.

Iris Biometric Systems:

The iris recognition systems can be divided into two…
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