Essay on Image Steganography Review

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With the rapid development of computer technologies and internet, one can get any information through internet very easily. To transfer or convey a message from one point to another is also very convenient in today’s era. People who have internet and computer can get any type of information related to any field without any difficulty [1]. While transferring or communicating on internet safety and security remains an issue. Steganography schemes are used to get rid of these type of safety and security issues. The standard phrase “What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)” is not true if the misuse or hacking is there. One can transfer secret information through internet using Steganography schemes very easily.
1.1 Nomenclature
Steganography is the word derived from a Greek word Steganos, which means, “Covered ” and graphy means “writing”. Steganography is a technique which is used to hide data in such a manner that the existence of hidden data is unknown. The original files can be referred to as cover text, cover image, or cover audio. Medium through which the information is hidden is Stego Medium. Steganalysis is the identifying the existence of the message.
1.2 Origin of Steganography

The origin of steganography was by Greeks in 500 B.C. They use slaves as a medium to send the hidden message. The slave’s head was shaved and the secret message is tattooed on the skull, after which hairs are allowed to regrow. The slave is…