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Coco-Cola and PepsiCo The Change Analysis and Images of Change Johanna M. Brooks HRM 587: Managing Organizational Change Assignment: The “Images” section focuses on the six different images of managing change and how each “approach” to change effects all that follows in its implementation and continued support. Download the “Week 2 Project Images Grid” from doc-sharing. Pick three of the “images of change” explained in the Week 2 lecture from the grid, and analyze how those particular “images” would affect the ensuing diagnosis and implementation in your two selected companies on their change plans. Here’s what to do: 1. Working with the information that you provided in your topic proposal, and any feedback you have…show more content…
They have had to face diversity, environmental, community needs, economic recovery and job creation by refreshing their business strategy and objectives. Addressing these challenges through identifying and diagnosing the reason change is important to their organizations has been critical to the success of both companies. There have been many important factors for these companies to take into consideration to implement effective change management initiatives. We will now look at both companies and identify a few recent changes they have made in their organizations and how they approached the barriers they encountered. Origination of PepsiCo Caleb Bradham of New Bern, South Carolina Druggist was serving refreshing drinks in his drugstore. His most popular beverage referred to as “Brad’s drink” was made of carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils, pepsin, and cola nuts. Brad’s drink was later named Pepsi Cola after the pepsin and cola nuts used in his recipe. In 1898, Caleb bought the trade name “Pep Cola” for $100 from a competitor from New Jersey who had gone broke. The name was trademarked in 1903, and Bradham had an artist design the first Pepsi logo and ninety seven shares of Bradham’ new company were issued. After seventeen years of success, Caleb lost Pepsi Cola and they

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