Imagery And Themes In 'Juggler' By Richard Wilbur

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Have you ever seen a juggler? Jugglers can be found at carnivals and circuses and it is their job to entertain and impress people with their balancing skills. Many people enjoy watching going to these events and witnessing the phenomenal gift, including the juggler. In Richard Wilbur’s poem “Juggler” literary devices such as figurative language, vivid imagery and diction are used to depict the speaker’s amazement and admiration towards the juggler and the juggler and his remarkable expertise as someone who brings joy to people. In the first stanza Wilbur uses personification, diction and tone to portray the juggler as someone who gives the ball a meaning. In addition, the speaker’s interest in the juggler is revealed. For example, in the passage, it states, “A ball will bounce, but less and less. It’s not / A light-hearted thing, resents its own resilience.” (Lines 1-2) In this quote the speaker uses personification to reveal that the ball is not bouncing in a cheerful and joyous way. Instead the ball “resents its own resilience”. The speaker emphasizes the word “resents”, evoking in the readers a sense of solemnity and seriousness. Furthermore, by describing that the ball bounces, but eventually comes back down the speaker makes a comparison to life and how there will always be highs and lows.
Moreover, the speaker’s admiration for the juggler is present when the speaker states, “It takes a sky-blue juggler with five red balls...” (Line 6) Astonished, the speaker

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