Imagery: (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 P. 207) Is A Word Or

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Imagery: (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 207) is a word or phrases the author uses to represent a person, objects, actions, feelings, and ideas descriptively by appealing to the senses. Metaphor: (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 208) is a comparison using a particular concept to describe an abstract idea. For example, I told my father who is a comedian to go on stage and break a leg. Although that was said, it was not meant to be taking literally. Simile: (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p.208) is a comparison of two objects using the words like or as to make a comparison. This method used directly or explicitly. Having a baby felt like all the elements of my body went limp and I was floating like a cloud in the sky. Another example, was my son…show more content…
For example, there was an old lady who lived in her shoe. She was so sad she did not know what to do. She loves her shoe. It often made her sad and blue. She knew one day she would have to leave her home and go out into the world free to roam. Sonnet: (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 349) is a 14 line poem that has a turn of thought in the concluding lines. For example, the 1st and third lines rhyme while the 2nd and fourth lines are similar to one another. This type of poem repeats the thoughts throughout the poem. Narrative: (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 351) a type of writing that tells a story or describes a sequence of events in an incident. Lyric: (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 351) the poet speaks of his or her personal feelings. Ballad: (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 351) a narrative song passed down from orally from generation to generation. For example, “The Star Spangle Banner” song is one passed down throughout the generations of our nations. Elegy: (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 352) a sad poem that grieves a subject death, but ends in consolation. For example, in the story of Emily Rose, she was grieving for her father, but the story did not end with the grief related to her father but the pain of never finding the right guy to marry or suitor. Dramatic Monologue: (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 352) the monolog set in the specifics situation by one character usually with other characters on stage. For example, it is the dialog or their interaction as their
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