Imagery Throughout History Has Been A Big Factor In Creating

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Imagery throughout history has been a big factor in creating social norms and acts as a site of conflict. Throughout time, we have used art pieces such as stories, mythology, paintings and movies as a way of conflict, to get a point across, or to tell a story. A big theme presented over time has been the ideologies of women and their role. Through time, we are able to see the way in which the roles of a female has been continuously constructed and reconstructed over and over again. This paper will look at the portrayal of femme fatale throughout history showing the lack of progression when it comes to gender stereotypes. The femme fatale is a mysterious, seductive woman who lures men into dangerous or compromising situations, attracting…show more content…
These characteristics are even present in the story of Adam and Eve. In fact, characteristics drawn from biblical contexts seem to be very prominent. It is through these images of a woman that first create these gender stereotypes. As we go on, it will be seen that different pieces of work allow maintaining and further reinforcing the stereotype of the femme fatale. The story of Adam and Eve is perhaps the first example of a femme fatale. Eve – the first woman on earth, created from a man’s rib as a gift to Adam from god. Eve sought the Tree of Knowledge and as the story goes, bit into the apple in the Garden of Eden, letting all evil into the world. Eve brought about the fall of mankind and introduced things such as sin and death. She was tempted by the serpent and further, tempts Adam with her beauty and sexuality to bite the apple thus being the classic example of a femme fatale. Another popular example is taken from Jewish tradition. The very popular Lilith is also associated with the first version of creation. Estimated at 1025-1594 BCB Lilith was Adams first wife. God is said to have created Lilith from clay, not from a mans rib, thus being equal to man. The story goes as Lilith shows up as a naked lady to seduce husbands who otherwise are reasonable husbands. Lilith’s name is associated with being related to a dark deity, ex goddess, ancient demon, and even a vampire throughout time. One thing

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