Images And Images Of Photographs

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There are various elements in photographs that many do not come to realize. Photographers use formal elements such as details, framing, space, form, lighting, color, and subject matter to express a moment or important message. Picture three depicts many of these elements to help express the true meaning of the image. This photo displays a woman in a mirror who almost looks like a man giving the viewer a sense of surrealism. You can tell the woman is posing and dressed up by the photographers’ use of detail when looking at the woman’s facial expression and body language. This picture is a self- portrait of the photographer Florence Henri. She uses elements and techniques to help display emotions and events. These techniques cause the viewer to make various observations and assumptions about why this photograph is significant or unique. The painter places these subjects in specific areas to help you understand what is happening. The first formal element I noticed when viewing this photograph was composition, which can be defined as the organization of the photo by inserting elements in certain sizes and places. Florence Henri places the subjects in photograph in specific areas to help you understand what is happening. For instance, the image is up and to the left making it offset. Also the framing and positioning of the mirror outlines the photo asymmetrically for the viewer. The mirror offsets the image by dividing the image with two vertical lines. This also crops the
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