Images Of America The European Writers

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Images of America the European writers constructed to promote colonization and settlement European exchanged cultures with North America when Leif Ericsson’s arrived at the new land at the year 1000. However European settlement started to spread after Columbus first voyage in 1492. In 16th century America became the golden arena for Europe and renaissance attracted adventures and opportunities for colonial aspirations of rival empires. Explorations in America increased fast and grew and by the time settlers reached Jamestown, Massachusetts and Plymouth, Native Americans had experienced almost a century of adversarial and friendly contact with Europeans (Lansford, Tom, and Thomas 2). Their cultural heritage lay behind them on the North Atlantic Ocean. The culture, geography, and climate of Massachusetts and Virginia had little resemblance to West Indies and Mexico. By the time the settlers arrived; colonial cruelty and depredations of disease in the southern lands were of the past. Equally significant to American literature and history, Native Americans who met European settlers had no history of bad strangers. North American Indians were not less aggrieved by conquest, confrontation in Mexico and West Indies (Lansford, Tom, and Thomas 3). Men and women in the new world had a lot to learn about the inhabitants, the wonders yet to be seen of mighty rivers, towering peaks, shifting sands, and a huge continent that is half covered with forests of massive density. No wonder
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